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Terms & Conditions

Form of payment
• Credit Cards
GTT accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card and American Express as a form of payment for most major carrier agreements. Certain carriers may have some credit card restrictions based on the type of fare being purchased.

• Agency Checks
Agency checks being sent for payment should reach the ticketing office by the specified due date. When faxing check copies or credit card authorization forms for last minute purchases, please inform the ticketing location by email or phone that the fax has been sent and that you get an acknowledgement that the payment has been received. If payment is not received by the due date, the booking will be cancelled automatically.

Fee's & Penalties: Changes, Cancellations & Refunds
Carrier imposed penalties will vary by carrier and by destination. In addition to the airline penalty, GTT reserves the right to charge a $50 service fee for any change, cancellation or refund made to any reservation that has been ticketed.
In addition to normal cancellation/refund and change fees, the airline might charge a no-show fee on top of the penalties if the ticketed reservation is not cancelled prior to the travel date.

Agency Bookings
For net airfares or published international airfares, travel agents can create their own reservations in Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre or Worldspan and release the record over to GTT for pricing and ticketing. Name changes are not allowed after a booking is confirmed and travel agents or their customers will be responsible for any penalties or fees associated for correcting misspelled names. To avoid spelling errors check the names against the passenger's passport.

Upon completion of a booking or changes made to an existing booking, GTT will email an itinerary to the travel agent for their review. "Agents must review the itinerary and report any errors to GTT within twenty four hours of receipt of the email". Failure to do so will release GTT from all responsibility for errors not reported within the 24 hours and the agent will be responsible for all applicable change penalties and/or service fees.

GTT can hold a net fare booking for no more than 7 days. Published airfares usually require that the ticket be purchased on the same day. (All net fares and commissions are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until ticketed).

Fare Quotes
The net fares shown in our site do not include any taxes, security fees or fuel surcharges. Some net fares may include a cash payment discount and the fare amount will increase by 4% if purchased with a credit card. Some carriers net fares may include a cap on the amount of your markup. Commissions for published airfares can be found below the net fare display with specific percentage amounts by carrier and booking class. (All net fares and commissions are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until ticketed).

Shipment of documents
Unless otherwise requested, all electronic ticket receipts, and paper tickets for travel more than 14 days from departure, will me sent by regular mail. Other options for ticket delivery are:
1. Delivery by DHL express service at a charge of $20 using the GTT account.
2. Delivery by FedEX, UPS, or DHL charged to your agency's or customer's account.

Commission Payments
Commission checks are issued and distributed from the Dallas offices. Travel agents should receive the checks within two to three weeks after the tickets are issued.