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Travel Document

Passport / Secure Document Required for International Travel
• Applies to:
All Domestic U.S. and International Stations

• Effective Date:
October 1, 2007

• Policy:
The grace period for U.S. citizens who were unable to receive their passport in a timely manner from the Department of State will be terminated on September 30, 2007.
Effective October 1, 2007, all customers, regardless of citizenship, age, or destination, must hold a passport or other secure document to depart or enter the United States.

• Procedure:
Secure documents acceptable for international travel include only the following:
# Passport
# U.S. resident card
# Refugee / Stateless travel document
# Re-Entry permit
# Military ID with movement orders
# NEXUS card
# U.S. Merchant Mariner Card
# Emergency travel document issued by a Consulate
# Deportation letter (Single Journey Letter)

Any customer who does not hold a secure document may not be boarded for travel, regardless of their citizenship, age, or destination, even if the customer is traveling on a one-way ticket.

Birth certificates, citizenship certificates/cards, driver licenses, naturalization certificates, national ID cards, ¡°matr¨ªcula consulares¡±, and ¡°cedulas¡± are not secure documents and therefore never valid for travel to or from the United States.